Astrology with Free Software | 2. Morinus Updated with Location Lookup

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I mentioned Morinus in my initial post on free software options, as it is the best free astrology program available for traditional astrologers.  In fact, for those doing primary directions, it’s important, even among competing programs that cost a lot of money.

Updated Morinus

Today, I was notified of an extremely important update to the program made by one of its developers, Endre Csaba Simon of Finland.  The program now allows lookup of location using the online geolocation database.  This is a very important advance in terms of making the program easier to use. One previously had to manually discover and enter the coordinates, time zone, altitude, and other features of a location.

The new version can be downloaded from the official site for the program – Morinus: Free Open-Source Advanced Professional Astrological Software.

Entering the Location

From the data entry page click Place.

After entering the place in the location blank, you hit “Search”. If there is just one matching selection, it will automatically plug the correct data into the proper fields on this page.  If there is more than one place then you will get a screen like the following with a list of locations.

Still Free and Open Source

This is a great advancement for this program.  It’s important to remember that the program is not only free but also open source.  The nature of open source software is such that the more people use and enjoy the software, the faster and more focused the development becomes to meet the needs of the user community, and the more people will work on the development of the software.  Free and open source software means community property. This is a program that the astrological community should wholeheartedly endorse, support, and take pride in.



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