Trump’s 2nd Impeachment: Timed to Mars Antiscia

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About a month ago, I published an article on the timing of Donald Trump’s political downfall. The focus was on how the solar eclipse of Dec. 14th, 2020 was metaphorically an eclipse of Trump’s political reign. It occurred on the day of the electoral college vote that sealed Trump’s loss.

The eclipse, as a New Moon, signaled the important events of the lunar month Dec. 14th to early Jan. 13th. Additionally, as an eclipse it has relevance even beyond the month. See the article on the eclipse for more details. Also see the article on the Six Elements for Deducing Advanced Knowledge for why lunations are especially significant mundane charts.

Distribution through the Mars Bound of Libra

Since late 2019, I have pointed out that the key astrological factor symbolizing a sea change in Trump’s fortune is the activation of Trump’s Mars as distributor. The distributor is the bound lord of the directed Ascendant (by primary directions).

In an April 2018 update to my 2012 article on the distributor technique, I noted that Trump’s rise corresponded with a Venus distributor period. The transition to a Mars distributor in late 2019 preceded Trump’s 1st impeachment. That impeachment itself occurred on the day of an exact transit of twelfth-part Mars conjunct to Trump’s Sun at 22 Gemini (and his natal twelfth-part Mars).


In comments on my article on the Trump Eclipse, one reader seemed to put a lot of stock in the appearance of seemingly positive transits for Trump on the 6th. I noted to him that transits in themselves are insignificant in traditional astrology. The significance of transits is solely in terms of timing out indications from root charts and activation techniques.

In fact, the preoccupation with transits as being the most fundamental predictive technique in astrology is a direct byproduct of the factor-as-index fallacy. This fallacy is pervasive in modern astrology and much astrology of the traditional revival as well.

As I noted in those comments, the eclipse is indicative of the downfall of Trump while the transits merely time out the events. As the factor that most vividly symbolizes a threat to Trump’s leadership and authority is Mars in his chart, one must have a pretty good grasp of that Mars and all its “positions” in the chart.

The Traditional Symbolic Palette

This brings us to the things that the index view further obscures. Indexation not only puts the emphasis on just the natal chart and transits to it, but also toward dismissal of factors that are “merely symbolic”. Such factors include twelfth-parts, lots, and antiscia. In the symbolic view, twelfth-parts and antiscia are echoes of the symbolism of the planet but projected to different positions. In the index view, one just scratches one head, what could these things index? There is little room for symbolic redundancy in the index view.

For a true full analysis of the indications of Trump and the noteworthy Mars timing points, we need to know more than the natal planetary positions. We need to look at the solar return and important mundane charts like the ingresses and lunations. Not only the plain Mars positions and interactions with Mars in those charts must be examined, but we should also be aware of the twelfth-part and antiscia Mars positions.


I will not be delving deeply into all these things in this article, but I will be looking at one of the most overlooked factor types, the antiscia.

I am not immune to overlooking these factors. Only a handful of my articles ever mention antiscia positions. In fact, I also have very few articles looking at fixed stars, which are another crucially important traditional factor. Antiscia has been touched on a little bit in articles on the site, particularly in the analysis of serial killer David Carpenter’s chart.  I have also provided an overview of some of the history behind antiscia.

Rather than a robust analysis of the timing of the January 6th, 2021 insurrection and Trump’s 2nd impeachment, I will only looking at a minor matter of timing. The transit that most pertained to the timing of Trump’s impeachment was a transit by antiscia. As I noted, a transit in itself is insignificant. This transit became significant in timing because of events which were indicated pertaining to the downfall of Trump connected to Mars.

A Mars Antiscia 2nd Impeachment

During the 2nd impeachment, which occurred just after a New Moon (within 24 hours), Mars made an exact transit antiscia to Trump’s Mars. This was a historic impeachment on multiple counts. It was the fastest impeachment and most bipartisan impeachment of all time. Additionally, it was the first time a President has ever been impeached twice and it occurred despite Trump having only one week left in his term.

The timing of this historic impeachment pertains to a number of significant mundane charts. However, here my main focus is on looking at how indications pertaining to Trump’s natal Mars were timed to the event. I have noted that Mars pertains to the indication of Trump’s demise and showed how the timing of the 1st impeachment and Trump’s electoral college loss were closely linked to that Mars. We continue this line of inquiry.

Trump’s Antiscia Positions

In the free and open source traditional astrological software Morinus, you can pull up antiscia positions very easily around any chart. Below is the natal chart of Donald Trump with the antiscia positions around the wheel. Note that Trump’s Mars antiscia is 3 degrees 13 minutes Taurus.

Trump’s Natal Chart with Antiscia Positions Along Outer Wheel

January 13th, 2021 New Moon

The New Moon on the morning of the 13th (and the solar eclipse of Dec. 14th) are far more significant than any transits through the month. That is because these lunations actually say something about the month, while the transits merely time out indications. The New Moon of Jan. 13th from D.C. speaks not only about the impeachment later that day (or rather the next day astrologically, as it occurred just after midnight), but also of other important events for the lunar month.

tMars Antiscia nMars

The New Moon shows the close (within a degree and applying) antiscia of Mars. Below I shows the lunation chart with its own antiscia positions around the outside. You can see that Mars is at 2TAU57, approaching Trump’s Mars antiscia (3TAU13).  Or put another way, you can see that the antiscia of the lunation’s Mars is in late Leo, conjoining Trump’s natal Mars.


New Moon Chart 01-13-2021 with its Antiscia Outside the Wheel

Mars Touches the 10th House While Secretly with the Natal Gemini Sun-Mars

As a reader noted in the comments of the eclipse article, impeachment time to the entrance of transiting Mars into Taurus. This is significant as Taurus is Trump’s 10th house of authority (strongly linked to his rise). Additionally, as Mars is between 2TAU30 and 5TAU00 its twelfth-part is in the following sign, Gemini, co-present with Trump’s Sun and own twelfth-part Mars.

Saturn’s Rejection

In addition to the timing of the Mars symbolism, there is Saturn symbolism (ending; banishment; rejection) all over the chart. The lunation itself at 23CAP13 is in partile (same degree) opposition to Trump’s natal Saturn (23CAN48). Lunation Saturn is at 3AQU02: lunation Mars (2TUA57) is applying a tight square (less than 5 minutes of a degree) to that Saturn while antiscia Trump’s natal Mars.

New Moon 01-13-2021 Around Trump’s Natal Chart

Timing of Trump’s 2nd Impeachment by Transit

Trump was reportedly impeached at 4:33 pm EST on Jan. 13, 2021. During the session for debating impeachment, Mars transited 3TAU13, the exact antiscia position of Trump’s Mars. It concluded as the transiting Moon was conjoining transiting Saturn, both square to that Mars antiscia Trump’s Mars. The Ascendant in Cancer (17CAN) was approaching Trump’s Saturn (23CAN), with its twelfth-part conjunct Moon-Saturn.

Trump’s 2nd Impeachment Transits (4:33 pm EST 1/13/21) Around His Natal Chart


The micro-zodiac of the twelfth-parts is nearly as old as the zodiac itself. Twelfth-part and antiscia positions have been at times hailed as a key to the hidden secrets of the astrological chart, since at least the time of Julius Firmicus Maternus. Noteworthy ancient astrologers like Abu Ma’shar used twelfth-parts across an array of predictive techniques, even in returns, directions, and transits. Still, such “implicit” or “symbolic” positions continue to be neglected today.

The timing of the 1st impeachment of Trump revealed how astrologers ignore transits by twelfth-part at their own peril.  His 2nd impeachment reveals the same for antiscia positions.

To learn more about twelfth-parts and antiscia, please feel free to search the site for relevant articles. If you find yourself biased against even trying out such positions, please check out my essay on the symbolic nature of astrology. For another look at the significance of twelfth-part and antiscia positions in transit, please see the article on the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire.

Featured image attribution: Amir Pashaei, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons: Ceiling of Chehel Sotoun’s mirror hall that contains Āina-kāri art, Isfahan, Iran



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    Gee whiz. Just fucking post something. You are too smart and good at what you do to just give up.

  • April 6, 2021 at 7:07 am

    I visited the recommendation ‘Constellations of Words’ (good sites link above) & under the selection stars with special meanings/misfortunes I read the following entry for fixed star Sheratan in the constellation of Aries: Long. 1900, 02TAU34 Long. 2000, 03TAU58. ‘unscrupulous defeat.’

  • January 21, 2021 at 9:36 am

    Ohhh Ok, got it, thanks.
    I never thought about watching transits to antiscia or 12th parts.

  • January 20, 2021 at 7:34 pm

    This doesn’t change the interpretation at all, but if I’m not mistaken, the Mars position at 2Tau57 is not applying to the 3Tau13 position, but just separating from it since the antiscia move backwards in the zodiac, unless the planet is retrograde, then the antiscia move forward in the zodiac.

    • January 20, 2021 at 9:40 pm

      Right idea but wrong conclusion. I’m talking about transiting Mars which was moving direct at 2TAU57, and was applying to the position of the natal Mars antiscia (3TAU13), which is fixed. Phrasing it the other way around though it would be correct to speak of the antiscia of transiting Mars (at 27LEO02) applying backwards (retrograde) to the natal Mars at 26Leo46.


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