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A Life of Kidding

I’ve been meaning to take a look at Jim Carrey’s birth chart for some time. Showtime’s “Kidding” is my favorite new show. Carrey’s character and performances make every episode memorable. Jim is best known as a comedian and comedic actor, but his more serious acting roles, such as in The Truman Show (1998), have also garnered critical acclaim.

His chart and life bring up some interesting astrological questions. What factors are relevant for comedy? How do we find factors relevant for career in someone’s chart? Which factors are most relevant for spiritual faith?

Some of these questions have been addressed in prior series of articles. The series on the planet of actions addressed finding the career significator. The series on faith and religion addressed the basic starting points for a look at faith in the chart. We can see these things at work in Carrey’s chart, as well as the importance of other factors such as antiscia and twelfth-parts. I’ll dig into some predictive techniques in this article as well. Let’s look at the astrology.

I. Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey was born on January 17th, 1962 at 2:30 am in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. His birth information has an A Rodden rating.

Jim Carrey Natal
Jim Carrey’s Birth Chart

Mercury as Career Significator

According to the technique of Paulus Alexandrinus, Mercury is the main planet relevant to career indications. This is because Mercury is in the 4th house of the chart, which is one of the eligible places, but Venus and Mars are in the 3rd house which is not. For more on the technique for finding the planet (or planets) most relevant to occupation, see the series of articles on that topic. It is also noteworthy that Mercury is in phasis (left the beams just under 7 days before birth). Mercury also received the last aspect of the Moon in the chart (and rules her).

Planetary Influences on Mercury

Mercury is relevant to any occupation involving oration, such as comedy. Acting particularly was usually more associated with Mercury in association with Venus. Carrey’s Mercury is most closely associated with Jupiter, as it is conjunct Jupiter within a degree from inside of Jupiter’s bound. This is akin to them being joined at the hip in the same room. Saturn is also influential as Saturn in in the same house (Aquarius) and rules the house. Mercury characterizes the general backdrop of the life situation, as Mercury has the separation of the Moon (sect light).

Jim Carrey Natal

Mercury’s Sign and Antiscia

Mercury is in Aquarius, a fixed air sign. As an air sign, Aquarius associates Mercury with social matters and human culture. Aquarius as a fixed sign indicates staying the course, so there is continual stable progress with Mercury’s significations. Mercury has focus and depth, but can also be rigid or inflexible.

There is a strong self-identification with Mercury in the chart, as well as Mars. Mars rules the rising sign (Scorpio) and is with Venus (the arts) and the Sun (honors; authority). They are in the 3rd house of siblings, neighbors, and associates (some add communication). However, Mercury rules the Ascendant as well, by bound. Strikingly, Mercury, with Jupiter, is antiscia the Ascendant, as well as square the Ascendant, each within a degree. This antiscia by degree between Mercury-Jupiter and the Ascendant symbolizes a strong connection between the individual and the matters symbolized by that conjunction.

Jim Carrey Antiscia
Jim Carrey’s Birth Chart with Antiscia Positions Outside Wheel

Mercury’s Associations by House

Mercury is in the 4th house, pertaining to the father, land, and ancestors. In fact, Carrey’s father was a big influence on him. His father was a musician and accountant who was very supportive of Carrey and is signified in part by that Mercury. However, Saturn naturally signifies fathers, and is in and ruling the place. Saturn in the bound of Mercury and with Jupiter and Mercury, so many of the associations also come through Saturn for the father.

8th House

Mercury also rules the 8th house of death, harm, idleness, and stagnation. The Moon, the main significator of the mother, is in the 8th. The Moon is in sect and strong so she often signifies in positive ways. However, the fact that she is void of course (not applying to any planet) and in the 8th associates her with secrets, loss, and confusion. Carrey has opened up in interviews about his mother’s addiction to pain killers and that his comedy became at times a way to cheer her up when he was a kid. The Moon rules the 9th house and has her antiscia there, connecting the Moon’s powerful influence with his search for truth. The Moon’s association with the 9th also shows a lot of international activity (the Moon and the 9th both signify travel).

The significations of the Moon concerning the mother are reinforced by the fact that the Lot of the Mother is also int he 8th with the Moon.

Jim Carrey Lots
Jim Carrey’s Birth Chart with Select Lots
11th House

Mercury rules the 11th house of friends, popularity, and general good fortune. The 11th house (the Joy of Jupiter) associations of Mercury reinforce its connection with Jupiter’s social benefits.

9th House and Spirituality

Mercury’s twelfth-part is in the 9th house. Jupiter’s twelfth-part is there as well. These positions reinforce those of the rulership of the 9th by the sect light and the position of the Moon’s twelfth-part there. It all points to an identification with a spiritual faith. Carrey is an advocate of Transcendental Meditation. He has also expressed his belief in the law of attraction. TM shows a more idiosyncratic and contemplative approach to spirituality (lunar) while law of attraction type spirituality is Jupiterian all the way. An identification with Mercury and Mars shows a more critical orientation and possible dislike of organized religion. For more information on finding faith in the chart, see the series on the astrology of religious belief.

Jim Carrey Twelfth-Parts
Jim Carrey’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

II. Mercury-Jupiter and Comedy

We have seen the importance of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Carrey’s chart. It is very relevant to his career and also connects with his self-identity and even his faith. Mercury, the planet of messages, complication, and rationality, pertains to communication and imitation generally. This includes things like characterization and imitation upon which Carrey based his career. Jupiter, the planet of loftiness, benefit, and expansion, also often pertains to popularity, wealth, and opportunity. Exaggeration and charisma also pertain strongly to Jupiter. For more on the signification of the planets see the lesson on the planets.

Jupiter: Planet of Comedy

What may surprise many is that Jupiter was associated with humor in ancient astrology. However, references to humor and comedy in ancient astrological texts are rare. Jupiter pertains to mental and social “good vibes” generally. Comedy is in this same vein. Just imaging a pre-teen Jim Carrey cheering up his depressed mom with his expert impressions.

And he signifies […] joking, banter […]. Also joy and laughter and a multitude of speaking and keenness of the tongue.   (Abu Ma’shar on the significations of Jupiter, from his Great Introduction, VII.9.1425-54, Dykes trans., 2010, p. 241)

In Abu Ma’shar’s Abbreviated Introduction he similarly said that Jupiter’s nature is humorous.

Beyond Jupiter

Some additional references to jokes and humor are found in other astrologers’ works. Valens associated Mecury-Venus connections (especially when ruled by or ruling Mars) with humor. He also associated Capricorn with a love of jokes and Venus with laughter.

We can surmise that to actually be a comedian involves more than having a good sense of humor and a love of joking though. Mercury often plays a central role, especially when the comedy has significant oral, improvisational, and/or clever components. When the comedy is at another’s expense, is dark, or pertains to hardship then the malefics are also involved. Saturn laughs at our morality and limitations (Murphy’s law), while Mars uses humor at another’s expense.

III. Comedian Charts

Not all comedians have Mercury as career significator, but most do. Those without Mercury as significator have a strong connection between Mercury and the career significator. A Mercury-Jupiter connection and some identification associated with it is an indication of comedy.

Unfortunately, there is no single signature for a comedian. This supports the view that astrology is a language. There is more than one way to say someone’s career path is inclined toward comedy. Obviously, Mercury must play a huge role in career significations, as expressed through the significator and/or MC. Additionally, we expect Mercury and the person themselves to be connected to the benefics (joy), especially Jupiter.

I’m going to look briefly at the charts of 9 more famous comedians. All of these comedians are very famous and have A or AA rated birth data. Each of these charts could be the subject of a book worth of analysis, so please excuse the fact that I’ll be running through just a few chart features on each. I’ll be mainly looking at connections between Mercury, Jupiter, the professional significator, and the character and self-identification (especially as pertains to the 1st house).

Robin Williams

Robin Williams (birth info AA rated) was also born with the Mercury bound of Scorpio rising, like Carrey. Additonally, Robins had Mercury as the main career significator. Mercury was conjunct Williams MC in its own bound in X. One can certainly get a sense of that Mercury strongly advancing right on the MC in brilliant Leo, with its volume turned all the way up, from Williams’s comedy acts.

Interestingly, Jupiter is in a superior trine with Mercury and Mercury’s twelfth-part (and that of the Asc and MC) are in Aries with Jupiter. Additionally, Jupiter is in Mercury’s bound and the twelfth-part of Jupiter is in XI, Virgo (ruled by Mercury). We also see a Saturnine component with the twelfth-part of Saturn in X and Jupiter’s twelfth-part in XI with Saturn.

As noted, the twelfth-parts of the Ascendant, MC, and Mercury are in Aries with Jupiter. Additionally, the Lot of Spirit (not pictured) is there in Jupiter’s bound (1° 14′ Aries).  Fascinatingly, the Lot of Spirit was in Jupiter’s bound of Aries in Jim Carrey’s chart as well (see Carrey’s chart earlier with the lots).

Robin Williams twelfth-parts
Robin Williams’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Kevin Hart

There are many parallels between the charts of Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and that of Kevin Hart (birth time AA-rated). Like Carrey, Kevin Hart has a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. Like Robin Williams, Hart’s Mercury is in Leo. Additionally, as both of those comedians had Mercury ruling the bound of the Ascendant, Hart has Mercury ruling the rising sign. Hart also has the Lot of Spirit in Aries like those other comedians, though this time not in the bound of Jupiter.

We don’t see Mercury as the main career significator in Hart’s chart though. In fact, Mercury is the least pronounced of the three planets of actions. Mars is the main planet of actions in the chart. However, Mars is ruled by and most closely aspected by Mercury. Mars also has its twelfth-part in Leo with the Mercury-Jupiter conjuction. Therefore, Mercury is strongly associated with Mars. Mercury also rules the 10th house, and the bound of the MC and the Sun, while additionally ruling the Ascendant, connecting it strongly to the sense of self and career matters.

Jupiter plays a significant role in the chart. Not only is Jupiter in a close applying conjunction with Mercury but the twelfth-parts of Jupiter, the Ascendant, Moon, Sun, and Saturn are all together with the natal Moon Jupiter’s house, Sagittarius.

Kevin Hart twelfth-parts
Kevin Hart’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor’s chart (birth time AA-rated) has all three planets of actions in the 9th house, and none of them in phasis, stationing, or strongly advancing. Mercury most closely regards the Ascendant (23°44′ Pisces), while Mars rules the bounds of the Ascendant and MC. As I noted in the article on difficult cases with the professional significator, the twelfth-parts should be examined. In this case the twelfth-part of Mercury is conjunct an angle and in a stake, so Mercury is most relevant.

Mercury is in the bound of Jupiter and is opposed by Jupiter. Mercury is with Mars and Venus in Scorpio, while Mars-and Venus are both strongly opposed to Jupiter within a degree (applying in the case of Venus). All five non-luminaries are located across the 3rd-9th access, interconnecting the themes of many of the planets in life events. The very prominent Sun (sect light) is in the Jupiter bound of Sagittarius, with its twelfth-part conjunct the Pisces Ascendant. The MC and twelfth-part Ascendant are also in Sagittarius. Therefore, Jupiter’s houses are strongly associated with honors and the sense of self.

Richard Pryor Twelfth-parts
Richard Pryor’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

George Carlin

Mercury, in X, strongly advancing, and square the Ascendant (within 5 degrees) is the main professional significator in George Carlin’s chart (birth time A-rated). Mercury is in Jupiter’s bound and is overcome by a superior trine from Jupiter. Mercury’s twelfth-part is also in Sagittarius, with Mars and its twelfth-part. Mercury-Mars together in Sagittarius helps to characterize his performances (5th house). When Mercury is very combust, as it is in this chart, I also look to the Sun in regards to Mercury’s significations.

Carlin’s self-identification is more with the Sun and Saturn than Mercury or Jupiter. Carlin was known for his interest in important political issues and his brilliant treatment of them (Sun) with a typically black comedy style (Saturn). Like Pryor, Carlin had a very prominent 10th house Sun but in this case in the bound rather than sign of Jupiter. The twelfth-parts of the Sun and the Ascendant are in Capricorn with Jupiter. Through the twelfth-part of the Ascendant (only a few degrees from Jupiter) we see the personal connection to Jupiter. Additionally, the Capricorn Jupiter, the position of the Ascendant and twelfth-part Ascendant in bounds of Saturn, and the connection between Venus and Saturn, all show the emphasis on dark humor.

George Carlin Twelfth-Parts
George Carlin’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce (birth time AA-rated) had Mercury strongly advancing in XI. It was also the planet most closely aspecting the Ascendant. Compared with Mars (retreating in the same house) it is more relevant for professional matters. Venus is in the 1st house so she is also relevant for professional matters. Therefore, both Venus and Mercury are professional indicators, as well as Mars to a lesser extent.

Mercury is in the bound and house of Venus in XI (Jupiter’s Joy). Mercury is square to Jupiter. The twelfth-part of Jupiter is at 24 Gemini, in Mercury’s house and overcoming Mercury with a partile trine (Mercury is at 24 Libra). Mercury is very combust, while the Sun is in the bound of Jupiter and is more closely square Jupiter.

Lenny Bruce Twelfth-Parts
Lenny Bruce’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Venus is in the bound and house of Jupiter (Sagittarius). Her twelfth-part is in the same house. Venus out of sect in the 1st here pertains to Bruce’s good looks as well as to his popularity with artists (Venus rules XI) and propensity toward pleasure-seeking (Venus). Venus rules drugs, especially liquid ones. Her being out of sect, square the Moon, and connecting the 1st and 6th, associates her with self-inflicted health problems.

Identification with Jupiter is strong.  Jupiter rules the Ascendant and the bound of the 1st house Venus. Additionally, Jupiter’s twelfth-part is conjunct an angle (the Dsc). The role of Mars (trying to offend; out of sect malefic) in Bruce’s comedy is evident in the chart. Mars is with Mercury and its twelfth-part is with Jupiter. The twelfth-part of Mercury in the 8th squaring natal Mercury also speaking to the mischievous significations of Mercury in the chart.

Steve Martin

Steve Martin (birth time AA-rated) has both Mercury and Mars as professional significators. Mercury is relevant due to its advancing location in the 2nd with a close trine to the MC. Mars is relevant because it is in the 11th and advancing. Mercury is in its own bound and in its own house (Virgo) together with Jupiter. Mercury’s twelfth-part (at 26 Virgo) is very closely conjunct Jupiter. Mars, which dominates Mercury and Jupiter (right side square) is in XI (Jupiter’s Joy) in Mercury’s other house, Gemini.

While his personality is primarily solar (Sun in Leo rising), Jupiter’s twelfth-part is also in the Jupiter bound of the 1st house. Jupiter is also the leading triplicity ruler of Leo (a fire sign) by night.

Steve Martin Twelfth-Parts
Steve Martin’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman (birth time A-rated) was born with the Sun rising in the Jupiter bound of Sagittarius (house of Jupiter). Mercury is also in the 1st house and rules the 10th house. Therefore, Mercury is the main professional significator, though Mars (in XI; Jupiter’s Joy) is also relevant. Mercury is not only in the 1st house, but the twelfth-part of the Ascendant is closely conjunct Mercury. Therefore, there are strong Mercurial and Jupiterian themes pertaining to the 1st house and the Sun.

The desire to offend is evident with a Mercury that is very closely aspected by Mars. Additionally, the twelfth-part of Mercury is closely conjunct Mars (in XI; Jupiter’s Joy). Jupiter’s main tie to Mercury in the chart is by rulership (house and leading triplicity lord).

Sarah Silverman Twelfth-Parts
Sarah Silverman’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Bill Burr

Bill Burr (birth time AA-rated) was also born with Mercury in the 1st house of self. Mercury is the professional significator as Venus and Mars are in the 12th house. Mercury is in the 1st while its twelfth-part and that of Jupiter are also in the 1st house. Jupiter is the exalted ruler of the rising sign. Therefore, Mercury and Jupiter connect with each other, the identity, and the profession through the rising sign.

Additionally, the Moon (ruler of the 1st) and the twelfth-parts of the Ascendant, MC, and Venus are in Sagittarius. The Moon’s twelfth-part is in XI (Joy of Jupiter).

Bill Burr Twelfth-Parts
Bill Burr’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Andy Kaufman

Andy Kaufman and Jim Carrey are known to share a birthday (Jan. 17th) so their Sun’s are just within a degree of each other’s. Amazingly, Andy Kaufman (birth time A-rated) was also born with Mercury at 16 Aquarius, just 2 degrees from Jim Carrey’s Mercury-Jupiter conjunction (14 Aquarius; same Jupiter bound). In Kaufman’s chart, Mercury is strongly advancing in the 7th house, conjunct the Descendant. Mars is also in VII (conjunct Dsc) and Venus is in VI trine the MC and ruling X. Therefore, all three planets have some relevance to the profession. However, Mercury has the most relevance as shown by its strong advancement and its twelfth-part which is conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st. As noted, Mercury is in the Jupiter bound of Aquarius with Mars. The twelfth-parts of Jupiter and Mars are in the 11th (Joy of Jupiter) ruled by Mercury.

Kaufman was born with Leo rising. Only Mercury’s twelfth-part occupies the rising sign. The Ascendant lord (Sun) is with Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn (VI). The twelfth-parts of the Ascendant, Sun, and Moon are all in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.

Andy Kaufman Twelfth-Parts
Andy Kaufman’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

Some Surprising Findings

From this brief look at the charts of 10 comedians we see some additional interesting trends. There are factors I didn’t previously discuss which were rather unexpected. Less surprising findings included the prevalence of Mercury as professional significator and important associations between the Ascendant (and its lord) and Jupiter.

Jupiter with Malefic Associations

One surprise was that all of the comedians either had Jupiter out of sect, in a bad place, and/or severely afflicted by malefics. Typically, more than one of these situations. They all had Jupiter as relevant to the self and the significations of Mercury though. It seems that there is something about a mistreated good guy (Jupiter made malefic) that connects it strongly to comedy. A sense of irony, perhaps? Additionally, none had Jupiter very strong, and many had Jupiter quite weakened.

In what follows, note that “overcome” indicates a right side whole sign sextile or trine, while “dominate” indicates a right side whole sign square. The planet on the right in such configurations is the more influential one which is why it is noteworthy when it is a malefic. For more on planetary aspects, see the lesson on configurations.

Jupiter in the Examples

Jim Carrey has Jupiter out of sect and with the out of sect malefic Saturn in the 4th house.

Robin Williams had Jupiter in sect but in the 6th house (a bad place) in a tight (2 deg.) applying square to Mars (the out of sect malefic).

Kevin Hart has Jupiter in sect but in the 12th house (bad place) and overcome by Mars (out of sect malefic).

Richard Pryor had Jupiter in sect (but below the horizon) in the 3rd house, but conjunct Saturn (about 2 deg.) and in partile opposition to Mars.

George Carlin had Jupiter in sect (but below the horizon) in the 6th (bad place) in Capricorn, square Saturn.

Lenny Bruce had Jupiter in sect (but below the horizon) in the 2nd (bad place) in Capricorn dominated by Mars and closely aspected by Saturn (within 1 deg.).

Steve Martin has Jupiter out of sect in the 2nd, dominated by Mars, and overcome by Saturn.

Sarah Silverman has Jupiter out of sect in the 12th (bad place) opposed by Saturn (within 4 deg.).

Bill Burr has Jupiter in sect (but below the horizon) in the 2nd (bad place) overcome by Mars and Saturn.

Andy Kaufman had Jupiter out of sect and in the 6th (bad place) while overcome by Saturn.

Other Factors

The house of friend and the Joy of Jupiter, the 11th house, is a particularly significant place in many of the charts of comedians. Many had the domineering influence of a luminary or Mars present there. Perhaps a drive to be the life of the party.

Similarly, while an emphasis on Jupiter or Mercury from the rising sign is not surprising, there were also many comedians with signs of the luminaries or Mars rising. By contrast, no one from this set of comedians had a sign of Venus or Saturn rising. This may pertain again to the more dominant and showy natures of the luminaries and Mars.

IV. A Few Significant Times in Jim Carrey’s Life

Let’s return to Jim Carrey’s life and chart now to apply some ancient predictive techniques.

Early Life and Career: 1972-1996

Carrey’s teenage years were disturbed by his father losing his job when Carrey was about 12 or 13 (in or before 8th grade). He left school at about age 14 (9th grade). Carrey started into comedy at a young age to help support his family in the aftermath of his father’s job loss and ensuing financial problems. He started performing at 15 and got his first big breaks into touring at 19.

Jim Carrey Twelfth-Parts
Jim Carrey’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)

As noted in the article on early primary directions, the bound lord of the directed Ascendant is a primary consideration for characterizing one’s situation. The bound lord of the directed Ascendant is the distributor or jarbakhtar. Looking at Carrey’s distributors, we see a happy Jupiter distribution from about age 5 to 11.5, then things get difficult with the Saturn distribution.

I’ve already noted how Saturn connects very strongly with the father in Carrey’s chart, and secondarily to the sense of self. We see a lot of the Saturnine themes come forth from age 11.5 to age 19. Saturn is out of sect so it is very difficult. Saturn connects strongly with the 3rd house (primary education) and 4th (father, home, roots), and during the time Carrey is forced to quit school and his family is even homeless at one point. Additionally, age 14, the year he left school, would have been an annual profection to his 3rd house, Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.

Jim Carrey Jarbakhtar
Jim Carrey’s Distributors

It is interesting that Carrey started performing at the young age of 15. Interestingly, the Sun directed to the Ascendant by sextile at that age. At age 17, Carrey moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy and acting. About age 17 saw the direction of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction to Carrey’s Sun.

Jim Carrey 15-17 Directions
Significant Primary Directions for Carrey Ages 15-17

Age 19-40: Benefic Years

The distributor of the Ascendant changes at age 19. At that age the directed Ascendant moves into Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and specifically, the first bound of that sign, also ruled by Jupiter. It is during this period (age 19-34) that Jim becomes a star.

Jim Carrey 19-22 Directions
Significant Primary Directions for Carrey Ages 19-22

Around age 19, he started to open for Rodney Dangerfield in Vegas. The period coincided with an activation of the Sun by planetary years. Also, there were a number of important directions concerning the profession, focused on the MC and the Sun. These included the square of the Moon and trine of Mars to the MC, as well as the trine of the Moon to the Sun. Following that were some B-movie appearances. In 1983, at age 21, he also debuted on the Tonight Show. The performance, coincided with the direction of Saturn to the Ascendant (by sextile). Andy Kaufman had previously done impressions of Elvis on the show. Carrey starred in The Duck Factory in 1984 (age 22) but the show was short-lived.

Romance and Marriage

Late 1984 through 1985, after the cancellation of the Duck Factory, saw a bit of a low point in this period overall. However, in 1986 he met actress Melissa Womer and they married the next year (age 25). His wife also gave birth to their daughter in the fall of that year. The profection at age 25 was to Sagittarius with Jupiter as lord of the year. The 2nd is also occupied by the twelfth-part of the Moon. The marriage and child coincided with the direction of the trine of Venus to the MC.

Jim Carrey 25 direction
Venus (trine) directs to the MC: Carrey marries at 25
Jim Carrey Twelfth-Parts
Jim Carrey’s Birth Chart with Twelfth-Parts (outside wheel)
In Living Color Years

Carrey was an original cast member on the sketch comedy show In Living Color, featured in nearly every episode that aired. It was a huge role for Carrey’s career. He starred in the series from 1990 to 1994 (ages 28 to 32). His start coincided with the profection to Pisces (5th house), with Jupiter as lord of the year. Carrey’s signing to the show also roughly coincided with the direction of the Sun to the MC (by trine).

Jim Carrey Age 28 Direction
Direction of Sun to MC when Carrey is about age 28
Movie Star

Starting in 1994, with the demise of In Living Color, Carrey starred in a number of successful big budget films, starting with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The Mask and Dumb and Dumber followed in 1994. Batman Forever, Ace Ventura’s sequel, the Cable Guy, and Liar Liar followed over the next few years. Carry was 32 in 1994. Note that the planetary years of Mercury are 20 and those of Jupiter are 12. Therefore, age 32 marks the activation of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction by planetary years, coinciding with Carrey’s break out year as an actor.

32 also makes the annual profection to Cancer, occupied by the twelfth-parts of Mercury and Jupiter. The Moon was lord of the year.

The secondary progressed Moon is of interest as the Moon is lord of the year. The spMoon was in Leo (X) opposed to the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction. 

Jim Carrey SP Moon 32
Secondary Progressions for Jim Carrey at Age 32 (outer wheel)

The solar return chart for age 32 is also fascinating. Venus is cazimi in the return to the minute of a degree! The chart also marks a return by sign for every planet except the Moon and Jupiter. srJupiter was in the 1st house of self. sfMoon, the lord of the year, was applying a partile sextile to the Sun-Venus conjunction from Pisces, the 5th house.

Jim Carrey 32 Solar Return
Jim Carrey’s 1994 Solar Return
Family Troubles

In terms of primary directions during the movie blitz of 1994, Saturn directed to the MC (by trine) from the Saturn bound of Libra. Additionally, Mars directed to the Moon (by opposition). The MC’s entry into Libra and its Saturn bound, as well as its superior trine to Saturn’s position seems to reflect the discipline, work ethic, and demands involved with a busy acting career. However, these malefic directions, also point to events in his personal life.

In 1994, Carrey’s father passed away. I have noted how Saturn symbolizes Carrey’s dad. The direction of Saturn to the MC is poignant.

In late 1993, as Jim Carrey’s multi-million dollar movie offers came in, he moved farther and farther away from family life with his wife and daughter. From simply not coming home to a rumored affair with a Dumb and Dumber co-star (Lauren Holly), his wife found his meteoric rise left her behind. Their divorce was finalized in early 1995.

Jim Carrey 1994 Directions

Jim Carrey’s Significant Directions in 1994

The period of their separation began during Saturn’s transit through Jim’s 4th house of home, family, and roots. Note that Carrey’s Lot of Love can be a difficult one. Love is at 4 degrees Aquarius, ruled by and conjunct Saturn, the out of sect malefic. At the time of his divorce, his wife had stated that his attitude toward the marriage went back to his father who felt held back by his mother for his inability to pursue his aspirations as a saxophone player. Saturn’s connection with Love echoes this close association of the demands of partnership (Love) with suffocating restriction (Saturn).

Jim Carrey Lots
Jim Carrey’s Birth Chart with Select Lots

Man on the Moon

Note that mid-1996, saw the shift of the distributor from Jupiter to Venus. The Ascendant would occupy the Venus bound until Carrey was about 40 1/2 (2002). The Venus distributor years saw a shift to more critically acclaimed performances.

1998 (age 36) was the year that Jim Carrey starred in The Truman Show. In 1999 (age 37), he starred in Man on the Moon portraying Andy Kaufman. Obviously, portraying Andy Kaufman has been one of the high points of Carrey’s career. Amazingly, the release coincided with the direction of the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction to his Ascendant (by sextile).

Jim Carrey 37 Directions

Jim Carrey’s Significant Directions Ages 36-38

Note that Carrey and Kaufman also share the same birthday, so their Suns are strongly connected. The 38th year (age 37) and age 38 are significant as activations of the Sun by planetary years (two times 19). The release also occurred when Carrey’s secondary progressed Moon was at 26 Libra, in superior square to his Sun. Additionally, age 37 was the profection to the 2nd house, Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and occupied by the twelfth-part Moon.

Mercury Years: Then and Now

The shift to the Mercury distribution, from 2002 to 2007, also saw a continued shift to more serious and versatile acting roles. The Mercury years additionally marked his first work with Michel Gondry for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in 2004.

Jim Carrey Jarbakhtar

Interestingly, 2017 saw a return to Mercury as distributor. It was in that year when Carrey first reunited with Michel Gondry to work on his new Showtime series, Kidding. The series is Carrey’s first starring TV role since In Living Color (24 years ago).

Production coincided with yet another significant Mercury-Jupiter direction for Carrey. This time it was Mercury-Jupiter to his Moon (by opposition).

Jim Carrey 2017-2018 Directions
Jim Carrey’s Mercury-Jupiter Direction to Moon 2017-2018

Dykes, Benjamin, trans. and ed., Introductions to Traditional Astrology: Abu Ma’shar & al-Qabisi (Minneapolis, MN: The Cazimi Press, 2010).


Featured image by Noemi Nuñez [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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    • March 6, 2019 at 11:45 am

      Haha. No, unfortunately there is not a convenient table. And I’m not really feeling like making one. You could attempt to make one though.

      I tend to look at 2 and 3 planet combinations, including repeats. But importantly, ones that reflect actual natal configurations. For instance, a Jupiter-Saturn combination could be an activation of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, while Jupiter-Saturn-Venus could also be significant if it was in Taurus. With predictive techniques, a key is repeat activations, so activations of configurations by planetary years are just another tool in the toolbox. It can help to alert you as to what to pay a bit more attention to in your annual techniques (profections; solar return). In that way it’s a lot like profections – you see a symbolic activation and it helps guide your interpretation of what is important in the solar return. I have found it to be particularly easy and useful so I try to always give it some consideration.

      Best wishes,


  • November 21, 2018 at 9:13 am

    Re. the weak Jupiter of comedians – peraphs if it was stronger they would be philosophers, magicians, mystics, charity workers, etc. As it’s weak or corrupt, they end up making jokes.

    • November 21, 2018 at 10:34 am

      Yeah, it ends up being about a more superficial sort of happiness; cheer, merry-making, and having fun.

      • November 21, 2018 at 11:00 am

        Yeah! Just to make it clear, I don’t think comedy it’s an unworthy endeavour, just that it isn’t really aligned with the high jupiterian values. The prevalence of Mercury is quite telling – transient activity for the sake of surprise and novelty is really more of a mercurial thing .

        We could contrast them with Grothendieck, who had Mercury R10 in Jupiter’s sign (Pisces) conjunct Spirit (and adhering to Venus) – also had Saggitarius rising and Jupiter in an partile trine with the Ascendant. He was quite of a philosophical bent, but wasn’t remarked as being particularly comedic.

        • November 23, 2018 at 2:03 pm

          I agree. I don’t think comedy is an unworthy endeavor either. By superficial I mean only that in Jupiter’s associations with happiness and wisdom, laughing at life and ourselves is Jupiterian but doesn’t have the depth of happiness as realizing a higher purpose or feeling united with a greater truth.

          Some of the comedians have stronger Jupiter than others too and it sort of shows in their lives. Jim Carrey’s Jupiter is in a stake and antiscia his Ascendant, so it has some forms of strength and it shows in his very spiritual outlook on life. I think I mentioned it in the article, but I think part of the link between malefic associations with Jupiter and humor might pertain to trying to get joy and make light out of the difficult aspects of life. It’s the relief from life’s hardship. Even many atheist comedians probably see themselves as providing relief from life’s hardship by poking fun at it and laughing at it, as well as themselves.

          It is interesting about Grothedieck’s very strong Jupiter in the 5th conjunct the IC. I’ll have to look more deeply into his chart at some point and maybe look at it with other notable mathematicians. Cardano (who besides being an astrologer made significant contributions to algebra), by the birth time of his autobiography, also had a very prominent Jupiter (in the 1st near the Ascendant) and a Mercury-Venus conjunction in a sign which reinforced Venus (in this case Libra).


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